Reasons Why People Choose iPhones over Android Phones

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Whatever the operating system you have chosen, you have somehow realized the Android and iOS debate is actually a very big topic in some part of the internet. iPhone fans assume some very insulting things about Android users, while Android fans throw some very unflattering comments about iPhone users. Both sides think the other have chosen wrong.  

But if we set the petty debates aside, there are a lot of good reasons to deal with both mobile operating systems, that means despite what Android fans may think, still there are a lot of unshakable reasons to purchase an iPhone. But there are also, lots of not-so-good reasons. As a matter of fact, most people tend to choose iPhone for they fall for the outdated myths about iOS. In fact, some people make faulty expectations about how iOS compares to Google’s.  

Nonetheless, there are also many great reasons why people pick an Apple’s phone over some manufacturers producing Android phones.   

The following are real reasons why most people choose iPhones over Android phones.   

1. iPhones Support Almost All of the Apps That Most Buyers Want  

One good reason why people choose to buy smart phones is to obtain access to the apps. As a matter of fact, most of the very popular apps you hear about on the news or you read about online are accessible in iOS App Store. Furthermore, it is not legitimate that all of the great apps are only exclusive to iOS, or the iOS got them first. Even though the App Store is unquestionable in drawing of cards for the iPhone. Therefore, chances are pretty great if you are choosing a platform established on its backing for the apps you desire to download.  

2. Most People Prefer iOS Over Android  

Although real devotee android fans cannot realize it, some people certainly, like iOS. As a matter of fact, there are some consumers who have already tried both operating systems and still favor iOS over the Android. Perhaps it is the design and interface of the Apple that draws them in. Maybe they like some features like Siri. Or maybe they like how forthright it is to acquire an iPhone functioning right out of the pack, or that fans do not need to spend more time to personalize a newly purchased phone. Some people consider Android’s operating system is superior while most people like iOS more.  

3. iPhones are Compatible with Other Apple Gadgets  

If you have already Apple products at home and you’re shopping for a new smartphone, it makes good sense to consider buying the iPhone. There are a lot various third-party apps one can use across your gadgets from other manufacturers. But if you have a Mac and an iPhone, for example, you can establish some features that Apple has offered into its operating systems to provide an easy access for your activity and the flow of information from an Apple device to another. If you need an iPhone repair, make sure that you only go with a professional and dependable iPhone service provider.  

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Two Unique Roofing Styles and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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     Choosing the roofing style is a very critical decision that you have to make when you are building your new home. Our roofs are there to protect us from the harsh environment like sunlight, rain, and snow. Aside from its utility function, our roofs also dictate the shape and structure of our house. 

     The choosing our roofing style, however, is a very tricky task. There are the usual roofing styles like the Gable, Hip, Flat, Mansard, or Gambrel Roofs. If you want those styles, then go ahead; but if you prefer to be a little different, there are other options as well. To give you an idea of being a little different, here is Two Unique Roofing Styles and Their Advantages and Disadvantages. 

Skillion Roof 

Skillion roof is one of the unique roofing styles that is beginning to be used today. It is characterized as having only one roof or side; the roof would be slanted, and the higher part is connected to a higher wall of the house. Because of this structure, the skillion roof is also called as an angled flat roof, lean-to or a shed roof. 


The main advantage of skillion roofing is that it doesn’t require elaborate designing and it only needs fewer materials than the commonly used ones. Another advantage of this roofing is that the sloping structure would easily dispose of snow and rain water. Because skillion roof is unique, they will give off that extra aesthetic aura. If you want this kind of roof, click and visit website


The disadvantage of skillion roofing is that because its slope is only sloping to one side, your interiors will have an imbalance look and it will also limit your space on one side. It is also not ideal to be utilized in areas that receive strong winds. 

Butterfly Roof 

Like the skillion roof, the butterfly roof one of the newly rising types of roof that are used by this generation. The butterfly roof is characterized by having two roof sides, which are angled into a letter ‘V’ position, giving an effect of butterfly wings that are in flight.  


The butterfly roof has many advantages; for one, the structure allows a larger space in the walls of your house, which enables you to build bigger windows to allow more light and air to come in. Another advantage is that the low, middle portion of the roof makes it an excellent instrument to stream in rain water and with the addition of a downspout, you can collect the water and use it for your lawn and garden.  

The two sides of the V of your roof is also excellent for the installation of solar panels. Overall, the butterfly roof is an eco-friendly roofing style, and it will save you a lot of money from bills. 


The disadvantage of having butterfly roofing is that it is very expensive to install, and it requires you to elaborately design your house. Additionally, the water drainage system of the house needs to be regularly checked or maintained; clogging in this type of roof would create water pools and would weaken its foundations. 

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Easy Steps In Carpet Cleaning

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As your carpets begin to moist, or gets very dust which causes you and your family to develop some nasal irritation, it may be a sign that you need to already change or perhaps clean your carpets inside your home. Though, carpet cleaning might be a complex and difficult job, there are great easy steps that you can follow to get you started.  

First off, you need to go for a walkthrough and check the areas of the carpet where it need cleaning and identify how it needs to be cleaned. This is because several kinds of problems occur in you carpet. It can be dust, wetness, heavy soiling, stool stains, or damaged area where it really needs to be repaired. The second step that you need to do is to move away the furnitures that needs to be moved in order to make the carpet cleaning more safe and efficient. However, there are certain home furniture and home appliances that are extremely heavy to lift and move so you might need a professional to do the job for you. After you have moved all the necessary furniture and appliances that needs to be moved, use a well-working vacuum cleaner to suck away the debris and dust residing in the carpet. This is one important thing in the preliminary act of carpet cleaning to avoid having unnecessary soil as you try to clean its other aspects.   

After sucking the dirt and dust using a vacuum, pretreat the surface spots and stains before you begin in cleaning the carpet to ensure that you are able to spot and get rid of the tougher stains and hard-spotted soil residing in your carpet. Most likely you will need to hire a professional carpet in this because they have the skills and the right kind of equipment to do the most extensive kind of dirt and stain removal in your carpet. You will also need to have a micro sponge along with a special equipment to rotate through the carpet in cleaning it. Stains like wine stain, ink stain or stool stain are examples of stains that would need a very special equipment and an extensive process in order for it to be removed properly.  

After cleaning the carpet, you need to have it groomed properly. A carpet does not only need to be cleaned, it also needs to be brushed in order to make it back to its original state that was somehow distorted due to extensive cleaning. You can dry your carpet completely then brush it, but, if you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they use a special grooming equipment that can make your carpet from its original and fluffy state. For them, carpet grooming is not an option, it is a must job because it can help prolong the life of the carpet.  

These are the few easy steps in having your carpet cleaned. Just follow these steps if you want to get started with carpet cleaning. However, if you want to have less stress and get better results, check out carpet shampooing. They have skilled carpet cleaning professionals that can help you get rid of the dirt and dust and clean your carpet in ways you never imagined. 

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